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Medvinjak is a small hamlet of one and a half bays, in city of Korčula's immediate western vicinity - Korčula's old town is a 15-20 minute walk away from Medvinjak. Houses in Medvinjak are built either by the coast or in the valley above the bay. There is road, towards Žrnovska Banja, that runs all along the coast to connect the settlements on the northeastern part of Korčula Island - thus there is some traffick passing by Medvinjak, but it's not heavy by any means.

What could one expect picking Medvinjak as a vacation destination? Although Medvinjak's gravel, developed beach is small, it can reasonably serve the moderate number of guests in the place. Accommodation is available in private apartments or in villas for short term rents - hotels are located in the town, in Korčula, while the nearest campsite is two bays away to the west, in Vrbovica Bay. There is a grocery in Medvinjak's eastern bay (Strećica Bay), so, there is no need to drive for the daily shopping. Restaurants and entertainment are available in Korčula. So, depending on one's needs, a vacation in Medvinjak is viable without driving, yet, to explore the beauties of the island and the area one would probably get into the car, at least one time or two.

Medvinjak Bay - from west
Medvinjak Bay - from west

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